Camp Harlan Resolutions

Camp Harlan,
Dec. 3rd [1861]

The undersigned representatives of the different companies of the 4th Regt. of Iowa Cavalry, believing that the unsurpassed liberality and timely generosity manifested by the citizens of Henry County on the occasion of the late Thanksgiving dinner in Camp Harlan merits some public expression of our gratitude and appreciation, do adopt the following:

Resolved, that in the courtesies extended to us on that occasion we recognize the soul cheering fact that the great heart of the public beats in unison with us.

Resolved, that in the unity of sentiment manifested by the bountiful supply of eatables furnished we hail the return of the heroic days of our fathers when patriotism consisted of action, not profession. Resolved, that while we admire the self sacrifice evidenced by the ladies in enduring cold and the inconvenience of camp to administer to our temporal comfort, we also recognize the fortitude and courage of Spartan Mothers, saying bring back your shields or be brought back upon them.

Resolved, that the presence of our aged fathers on the occasion shall nerve our arm in the hour of Battle and that in defense of the great principles of constitutional law and as free and happy government we will show by our deeds that we are the brave sons of noble sires.

Resolved, that when distance has separated us from these home scenes and we are living over again the pleasures of the past, that as we reflect upon the prayers of mothers and benefit by the advice of fathers, the recollection of the beauty and intelligence of the daughters who graced our thanksgiving occasion shall be a general panacea for all the ills of the camp.

Resolved that our thanks are due the clergy for their presence on that occasion and for their earnest invocation for our common cause, and us, and we hereby pledge ourselves in the day of Battle to confide in their prayers.

Resolved, that in the various speakers who were called out on that occasion we realize the fact that a war for future does not make man despairing or sad, but is the nursery of painted sayings and timely wit as well as true greatness and eulogized patriotism.

Resolved, that the Editors of the Home Journal be requested to publish the above as our poor return to the citizens of Henry County for their bountiful blessings bestowed upon us.

Lot Abraham
Orderly Sergeant
Spearman Company

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