25 December 1863

[Mount Pleasant, Iowa]
Thursday, December 25, 1863

Brother Lot,

I am seated to pen you a few lines in a hurry. We are well at present hoping this may find you well. Walker [Andrews] starts tomorrow & we are fixing up some things to send with him. Dick got a letter from you yesterday dated the 10th. We was all much pleased to hear from you. Walker has had a great time a visiting around while here among his friends. His visit seems like something to what yours did. Mother is going to Sallies & she will not start until everything is fixed in your carpet sack just right. She has never been over to see the big boy yet. I still have to write some for her now. Kate, Lige is gathering corn.

Dear son,

I will say a few words to you. I am sorry to hear of you not improving faster than you are, My health is very good now. I have had a bad cold but better now. I am trying to fix up something good to send you. I coaxed Walker [Andrews] up to take it. If D. Bibb had been going back, he would have took it. We did intend to have sent more but we will not put in much this time. Take good care of yourself. Put one teaspoonful of tea in a tin & sweeten with loaf sugar & stew your peaches. They will be good for you. Spice will be good for you. We put some in for you. Keep it in your pocket. Chew it. [Your brother] John is hauling wood to Mr. P. — a load a day. Gets 3 dollars a cord. Billy cuts for him.

If you don’t get better soon, do come home & get recruited up. I am afraid you will not get rid of that disease soon. Do take my advise before it is too late & come home for I have heard a great many hollering about it saying you ought to.

Dan is going with me to Sallies. I will close now. Write soon & tell particulars.

— Sarah Abraham

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