15 November 1863

November the 15th 1863

Dear Brother [Lot],

I seat myself this Sabbath morning too pen you a few lines. We are all well at present & I hope these fe lines may [find] you all well. I am glad to hear that your health is improving. I have been uneasy about you since you left until I received yours of October 28th. Your visit at home wasn’t much. I have almost forgot you was here at all. The boys that are here now gets to stay some longer. Evan [Bebb] was here yesterday. He looks very well & so does Walker. He is fat. If you was as fat you’d weigh two hundred. I weigh 190 & the best man in Hell’s Neck. That’s so.

Sgt. Evan E. Bebb of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, Co. D

Sgt. Evan E. Bebb of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, Co. D

The weather is very warm & nice for the time of year. A good many is plowing here now. I guess they could plow now till Christmas if they want to.

I have been trading some since you was here. I traded the old oxen off for a nice filly & 15 dollars. I would rather have the one I sold while you was here & I traded old Ben off. Got a nice four year-old mare — a bay a little larger than Pol & can out pull her, I believe. They make a good team. Just suit me. I have two bays now & three blacks. I sold 20 head of my hogs. Got 8 dollars a head for them. 160 dollars. Have 19 head yet too. Salt pork is rising some. I won’t feed them much longer. I have got ______ all gathered up. Got 30 head of them. They look nice. Make a nice little drove. I guess I will have enough feed for them.

Old Daniel moved up here the other [day]. He is going to stay all winter. He won’t work much — just stays in the house all the time & studies the spelling none well. I must close. Excuse this hard spelling, Lot. — [your brother] John

November the 15th
Sunday eve

Kind brother Lot,

I am seated this beautiful eve to pen you a few lines to let you know we are getting along. We are all well hoping this may find you in good health. We moved down here last Tuesday. Mag is staying with [your sister] Sallie [Johnson]. She has a young son [named Thomas] — very pretty. I was over there at the frolic last Thursday night. Mother made me go. Mag will be there for 2 weeks or 3. Long Jim has just now come dressed in his best. Dick’s is going ahead with their house. Got it covered. Will get in it in a week if the weather keeps good. We will move then.

Evan Bebb took dinner with us the other day. He looks well. Walker has not been here yet. I will close as it is getting milking [time]. I have it all to do. Write to us as soon as you can. — Kate.

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