Abraham Family

Lot Abraham

Born: 18 April 1838 in Summerville, Butler County, Ohio
Death: 25 July 1920 in Center Township, Henry County, Iowa

Father: John Lot Abraham (1806-1843)
Mother: Sarah McCue (1807-1872)
Spouse: Sarah Cornelia Alden (1841-1888)
Spouse: Mary Blacker

Bio:  Lot Abraham. Farmer and stock-raiser, born in Butler Co, Ohio, April 18, 1838. His parents came to Iowa when he was 3 years of age, and located in this county. His father died in 1843, soon after they came here, and Lot was the oldest son living at home. He enlisted in the 4th I. V. C., as private; he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant with the consent and by vote of his company; was afterward commissioned Captain. He was in fifty-four battles, fights and skirmishes; he was in the service about four years. He returned and engaged in farming; owns 340 acres of land. Married Miss Sarah C. Alden Sept. 13, 1865; she is a native of Marietta, Ohio, and is a direct descendant of John Alden, who came over in the Mayflower; they have four children. In early life Capt. Abraham was politically a Democrat, but since 1864 he has affiliated with the Republican party, at that time casting his vote for Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency. In political matters he has usually taken an active part, and in 1881 received the nomination from his party to the State Senate, was elected and served in the Nineteenth and Twentieth General Assemblies with credit to himself and his constituents. A member of McFarland Post No. 20, G.A.R., he takes an active interest in all its works. In the temperance cause he is also quite active, and is never afraid to express his opinions freely upon that question. Source: History of Henry County, Iowa, 1879/Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County, Iowa, 1888.

Information from State Historical Society of Iowa resources

John Lot Abraham

Born: 7 April 1806 in Butler County, Ohio
Death: 10 February 1843 in Henry County, Iowa
Spouse: Sarah McCue (married 25 November 1828)

Bio:  John Lot Abraham lived in Butler County, Ohio near the road leading from Scripio to Hamilton. In the spring of 1841, John Lot and Sarah moved their family from Ohio to Iowa. They traveled in a Conestoga wagon with their family of five children: Susie, age 10; Rebecca, 9; Sarah, 5; Lot, 3; and John McCue, 1. Before leaving Ohio, John & Sarah suffered the loss of two daughters, — Margaret (age 4) and Nancy (age 1); the girls died 1833 and 1835 respectively.

The Abrahams traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio from their home in Butler County. At Cincinnati, they drove their wagon onto a steamboat which took them to Keokuk, Iowa. Upon arrival in Iowa, they began their drive to the home of friends near New London. After carefully searching for good land with a stand of timber, the Abrahams found the land they wanted to make into their farm and home. It was located in Section 35, Center Township in Henry County, Iowa. John immediately began work clearing part of the land, building a log house and a barn, making fence rails, plowing, and growing crops. On November 3, 1841, Sarah gave birth to their eighth child, Catherine.

During the winter of 1842/1843, John Lot became ill with “Winter Fever” and died on February 10, 1843 at the age of 36 years and 10 months. Sarah was pregnant with their ninth child, a little girl. She gave birth seven months later on September 19, 1843 and named their daughter, Margaret.

Sarah McCue

Born: 5 June 1807 in Ireland
Death: 7 September 1872 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa
Spouse: John Lot Abraham (married 25 November 1828)

Children of John Lot Abraham & Sarah McCue

Margaret Abraham (1829-1833)
Susan Abraham (1831-1915)
Rebecca (“Becca”) Abraham (1832-1915); she married Addison Howe Jackman (1826-1890) in mid-1850s
Nancy Abraham (1834-1835)
Sarah (“Sally”) E. Abraham (1836-1912); she married Noah Johnson (1835-1920) in 1860
Lot Abraham (1838-1920)
John McCue Abraham (1840-1913); he married Katherine (“Katie”) Bartlett in 1865
Katherine (“Kate”) Abraham (1841-1871); she married Elijah (“Lige”) Roberts in 1863
Margaret Abraham (1843-1904); she married Samuel W. Grafft (1841-1918) in 1865


Lot’s brother-in-law, Addison (“Dick”) Jackman

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